It is really easy to get trained in Adult Hands-Only CPR! Attending a class will take less than an hour out of your day. When you show up to a class you will sign in so that we can keep track of how many people we have trained (giving any personal information is completely optional). Then your class facilitators will introduce themselves and what to expect. The class starts out with a video demonstration of what you need to do with someone in cardiac arrest and is followed by hands on practice. That’s it, you’re done! Here is a schedule of a typical class:

Introductions – 10 min

Instructional Video – 20 min

CPR Practice – 10 min

Note that these classes do not provide a “certification” in CPR and you will not receive a card, but you will receive the knowledge of how to save someone’s life who is in cardiac arrest. If you wish to learn about obtaining a certification in CPR please Contact Us and we can help you to locate a class.